My daughter, who is eight years old, has been suffering from Asthma for the past two years. It became so serious that she couldn’t breathe without an inhaler and she goes out with the inhaler every day. During Bishop Oyedepo’s Prophetic Visit, the Night of Encounter, it worried her so much until Sunday. I got vexed in my spirit and prayed for her using the mysteries of this Commission on her. To the glory of God, from that very Sunday till date, she can breathe well and she has not used the inhaler. I return all the glory to God.

Pastor S.M.


Two days ago, my father had an attack on his health. He lost consciousness for about 30 minutes and all effort to restore him proved futile. At that point I started praying and asking God to intervene. He regained consciousness and is now whole and healthy. I return all the glory to God.

Mfreke U.


We, (myself and wife) and by extension our children became members of this God ordained church in August 1986. Our membership was not an act of anyone but was orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. Exactly 30 years ago, I was in search of a better opportunity, both for myself and my family when I miraculously got a job to manage an Accounting and Auditing Firm in Kaduna. “Strangers” as we were in Kaduna, God gave us accommodation at the area known as UngwarRimi, which was a stone throw from the church location. As nominal Christians then, who did not have an understanding of being Born Again, we decided as a matter of course, to “try” Living Faith Church which was closest to us. That was the turning point in our Christian journey with God. Our first encounter with Bishop, then Reverend, and the word of God, left an indelible imprint in our memories, and without blinking an eye, gave our lives to Christ. It was there and then that I realized that it was not for the job that we came to Kaduna, but it was for God’s election to make something out of us, who hitherto were nobodies. In these 30 years journey with God in the Winners Family, we’ve had the privilege of being schooled by God’s Servant, Bishop David Oyedepo. We testify with all humility, confidence and authority that:

  1. The things that we have heard from Bishop Oyedepo, and as written in the Word of God with absolute certainty, is of the reality that we testify. We’ve heard him severally, we’ve seen him severally and have had the privilege of relating with him severally, and not transiently.
  2. In this ministry, we’ve seen the Hand of God lift us from “a minus zero position” to abundantly providing far above our needs.
  3. In this ministry, God took us from the rear (back of the queue) to the front.
  4. God lifted us from mediocrity to prominence.
  5.  God exposed His values in us to people we did not know who request for my services even after retirement from corporate office. As such I am re-firing even in my retirement.

In conclusion, this ministry has given us the ability to discover who we are, and to know our inheritance in Christ Jesus. It has given us the ability to think and expand the horizon of our God given potentials. It has lifted us from the dunghill to dine with kings and princes who, ordinarily we couldn’t have access to, but by divine placement, they seek for my humble but exquisite opinion on sensitive issues which they don’t have access to. In these 30 years, God’s given us rest roundabout and we’re enjoying His exceeding great grace.

Eld. & Eld. Mrs. M.C.D. Torkornoo


My phone got missing last week Monday when I went to work. On Friday, I came for Challengers Squad meeting and my leader uttered a word of faith which I believed in. On Saturday, a brother blessed me with a brand new phone. Truly, Matthew 6:33 works like fire and serving God pays.

Ebenezer A.


My brother, married for nine years was without the fruit of the womb because of constant miscarriages. Last year I committed myself to kingdom focused prayers and believed God for a turnaround on his and the wife’s behalf. In the course of time, my sister-in-law was experiencing pains in her stomach and thus was taking self-medications not knowing she had conceived. I asked her to go and see the doctor. She was tested and confirmed pregnant for six months. Meanwhile during the six months, she was seeing her menstrual flow. Secondly, I sowed a seed of recharge cards into the lives of my choir directors and they prayed for me. The following day, I received a financial blessing that was 10 times more than what I sowed. Thirdly, for two weeks I was experiencing pains in my left hand. I received my healing at the Night of Divine Encounter immediately I saw our Bishop, David Oyedepo. I give God all the glory.

Nana F.